Client of the Month – Hearts Desire

45f48d8f-340f-47c3-bf99-1ef8d232686bThis newly launched site owned by Vicki Rollo now allows her to bring her unique boutique online. Vicki is a jewelry designer creating unique and gorgeous pieces that she sells in her mobile fashion boutique along with locally created clothing and handbags. She can now offer her creations to a wider audience through her online shop.

This website was created in WordPress and Woo Commerce so that Vicki can easily update products as her one-of-a-kind pieces sell and add new ones as well as announce specials and trunk shows.

Browse the boutique here Hearts Desire 

“Abacus Web Services was impressive in their attention to detail, professionalism, knowledge of the technology and assistance in the creative process. My vision for the site, their execution…

is alive!”                                      Vicki Rollo  8/11/15

Rackspace – more than just email.

If we run your email then it is on the Rackspace system. We chose Rackspace 10 years ago as our email partner because of their reputation for high quality and reliable service. It had been a great choice and apparently we are not alone as Rackspace now provides over 4 million mailboxes in 140 countries.rackspace
Key Services

Rackspace Mail - Business Class branded email with no ads, 25gb email box size, web access and it works on all devices.

Exchange - Enterprise Class email which auto-syncs all email, calendars, contacts and tasks to all devices with its own dedicated web client. You can even run Outlook on multiple computers (David – “I do!”) and Exchange will happily sync each version for you. This is a great service for people on the move.

Hybrid - Save money by combining Exchange and affordable Rackspace Email on a single domain to serve users with different email needs.

Mobile Sync - This add-on service lets you sync between the webmail client and mobile devices. Note: It does not sync between Outlook software and mobile devices. For Rackspace Mail only.

Archiving - This works on both Rackspace Mail and Exchange. All incoming and outgoing email is permanently archived for you. You may be in a business that requires legal compliance and that’s why you need this service or you may just want to ensure there is another backup of your email (actually there are eight copies). Another scenario is that a staff member may leave and then their email is lost. The archiving admin lets you search and recover all emails.

Skype for Business (formerly called Lync) - Your own private domain based messenger system. Send secure texts and more on all devices. This is a great inter-office communication tool. For Exchange only.

Consulting - Having email issues or just not sure what the best solution for your business may be? Give us a call anytime for a free consultation 941-870-5343.

Our Top Ten Tips for Improving Your Website’s Effectiveness:

mobile devices1) Responsive Design – we can’t stress this enough! Your website has to look the same on any device, mobile or otherwise!
2) Have a good headline on your landing page.
3) Update to fresh content that clearly states the benefits of your product or service without a lot of hype.
4) Use videos and images in order to humanize your brand, in addition to stock images.
5) Testimonials!
6) Include headshots of yourself/team, to personalize/humanize your brand.
7) Use good Title Tags which are important for the Search Engines.
8) Adopt one main call to action whether it’s “grab,” “reserve,” or simply “call.”
9) Contact Information!! You wouldn’t believe how many people still don’t have this on every page!
10) Promote your Social Media channels with feeds, links, icons, etc., across your site.

If you need help implementing any of these tips on your website then call us - we can help!
941-870-5343 or use our Contact Us page.


Windows 10 is coming soon!

windows_10_0Have you noticed the wee Windows icon appearing on the bottom right of your tool bar? That icon means that Microsoft will release Windows 10 on June 29th and here is what it means for you.

Depending on your current version of Windows, you may be offered a free upgrade that would be good for one year, but should you take the update? Well, maybe…..

The reviews have all been positive because it needs less resources and runs fast. It also replaces most of the things that users didn’t like about Windows 8, however, we recommend that you wait and see what the feedback is first from other users.

If you have any doubt about taking the update you should consult with your support technician BEFORE accepting the update and make sure you back-up your files before you do anything!

If you are currently on Windows 8 you will see changes, tweaks and upgrades. If you’re on Windows XP then this will be a huge change for you and your staff, which is something you should take into consideration before making a decision.