Why Do So Many Businesses Still Not Have A Website?

2016It is 2016 and websites are ubiquitous – or so you would think! A survey of small businesses conducted by Clutch, found that nearly half of the small businesses nationwide are doing business without a website. Mark Cummings of Cummings Creative Group says that with any marketing, even a personal referral, the first thing a lot of people do is go visit the website. We agree with that statement and also think that if a business doesn’t have a website that they look out of date and aren’t using their marketing dollars wisely.
We always recommend that any business, whether it is just one person or a large corporation, have a website that is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and has a blog to leverage every marketing opportunity.Operating without a website harms a business’ brand and costs that business money!

Your Online Reputation

ORMDo you know what your reputation is online? People’s individual and business reputations are being trashed! The anonymity and freedom of the web means that anyone can post a derogatory comment about an individual or an organization that can cause a lot of damage. WE CAN HELP! 

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, company, individual or other entity on the Internet.

Reputation management is not new. Companies, governments, celebrities and individuals have always employed the practice of reputation management through public relations firms using stories in the media, public campaigns, images and word-of-mouth. However, in recent years with the far reach and fast pace of the Internet and the influence of social media, reputation management has become increasingly challenging and significant at the same time.

Derogatory comments about individuals can devastate job opportunities, client/consumer relationships, college applications and even credit scores just to name a few. Negative reviews or comments about a business can also cause considerable damage. As a business person, when a potential client looks you up online you want them to find positive and relevant information about you!

You may think that ORM is something you need only if there is negative information out there, but a good reputation is valuable and needs to be maintained. Just like you use an anti-virus program to protect your computer from a disaster, an online reputation management service protects you and your company in the event of negative attention online and cultivates your good position.

Again, do you know what your reputation is online? Can you manage your or your company’s reputation yourself? Abacus Web Services can support you with our ORM services just as we have already helped others in recent months.

Proactive – We will put into place monitoring systems to alert us to any negative comments or reviews about you and your business. Depending on your needs, we will preform scheduled manual reviews across all channels.

Reactive – Problems have arisen across the Internet that take the form of negative reviews or derogatory comments on websites, blogs and social media channels. We will review and present you with the best options to mitigate these situations. This involves creating new, positive content to suppress the negative issues where possible and work towards getting articles and/or images removed from the web.

Your Business & Your Heart’s Desire

computer HeartWhat is your heart’s desire for your business in 2016? What are you looking for from your online presence? If it’s generating more business to increase revenue, then consider these strategy points for this new year.

Mobile – whether you’re a business to business or business to consumer, everyone is using their smart phone to do business. That means your website has to be responsive (mobile friendly)!

Social Media – take a look at your social strategy. Social media is constantly changing and you need to keep up. The simple way to review your effectiveness is to ask yourself; which channels do my target audience use? Which channels fit the best with my businesses culture and which channels will help me reach my larger business goals?

Content – is crucial to branding your business and keeping your customers engaged! Update information, blog and be relevant.

Video – is the new black. It promotes your brand, engages your customers and is very effective and a relatively inexpensive way to get the word out.

Cyber Security – affects businesses large and small so be aware and don’t make it easy for the bad guys out there.

Social Commerce!

online shoppingAnother buzzword, another concept as technology trends move forward! According to Richard Sexton of Practical Ecommerce magazine, social media has increased its share of ecommerce referrals between the first quarters of 2015 and 2015. Social Shopping is only increasing over time and the Etailers who get the sales are the ones who integrate social shopping with their website experience for their customers.
Sexton suggests that there are three ways to do this; through social buttons, which are links that allow the consumer to share a website page on their own social accounts. Also, social rewards, which could be a coupon or discount for the consumer that shares that website page and then purchase sharing, in which each post can generate as many as five referral clicks back to that retailer. A specific tool for this is used by the merchant.

Launching Client’s New Websites

We are always excited when we deliver an updated website to a client. For them it must be like trading in an old car and taking delivery on a new one! The benefits to having an updated website include staying current with the technology that gives your website more capa read more