Browser Market Share

Browser market share keeps evolving mainly in Google Chrome’s favor. What is interesting to note of this The Next Web graphic is that IE6 which was released Aug 27, 2001 still has a 3.73% share. If you are reading this an older version of any browser it would a real good idea to update:)



Calls to Action

abacus web services lakewood ranch“Last Chance!”, “Learn More”, “Add to Cart”. These phrases are known as CTAs or calls to action which is a simple phrase but an important part of any ecommerce website, as it can turn a casual browser into a lead and a lead into a customer. An essential component of marketing that pre-dates Internet shopping, calls to action easily translates to websites both desktop and mobile friendly.  With so many people doing business and/or shopping on their mobile devices a ‘sharing’ CTA lets customers use social media to spread the word about your products and we all know how valuable spreading the word can be!

So here is today’s CTA: Click this link to read more about effective calls to action on ecommerce websites.

Big Commerce

The #1 ecommerce platform, Big Commerce, has introduced a Style Editor to edit themes easily. As Big Commerce experts we can show you how easy it is!

Search Engine

For the personal-information-sharing-leary of us there is an alternative search engine out there called DuckDuckGo.  It claims to not profile users or share any such information as well as using the best resources for what the user is looking for, not just a lot of resources. Cute duck logo too. Check it out

Mobile Websites

The mobile versions of websites do work! More and more people are going online on their mobile devices than ever before and they’re using them differently than they would their desk tops. Case in point – MacAllisters Grill & Tavern of Lakewood Ranch have a mobile version put up by Abacus. Their stats from one week alone were 143 visits from which they received 35 calls. At 24% those are great results!