Google Changes How it Ranks Websites on Mobile Devices

Tomorrow is the Big Day – are you Mobile Ready for it?

Google mobileTomorrow, April 21st, Google will rank your website on mobile devices lower if it is not mobile friendly! You have to have either a dedicated mobile website or a mobile friendly one to not be affected. The change has come about because Google wants mobile users to have a better experience, so if your website doesn’t render well on mobile devices, then your ranking can drop. However, website rankings will remain the same for websites on desktops and laptops.

With a lot of time and money spent on Search Engine Optimization then it makes sense to convert an older site to make it mobile friendly or to build a dedicated site for mobile devices so as not to lose ranking. 64% of adult Americans own a smart phone so that’s a lot of potential business through your listing on Google!

If you’re not sure if your website is mobile friendly
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Update Your Content

content seoTime is money, but are you spending enough time updating the content of your website? Regularly doing so may cost you some time, but it can pay you back in results.

Content is the heart of your website and it is all about having the right information for your service or product and keeping that information current. Being up to date puts you out in front of your competitors as well as gives visitors a reason to come back to your site which helps your chances of closing a deal.

Most importantly, fresh content improves your chances of being moved up in the search engine listings. Since they may consider the changes to be new content, search engines like the new traffic visiting the new content and traffic means higher rankings.

What constitutes fresh content? It’s not just this week’s special or price change, but it’s current industry information, updated testimonials, bios, blogs and resources to give a few examples. Take some time to update your website – it’s worth it!


Help Us Fight Cancer! Relay For Life!

relay for life logoLike many people, we at Abacus Web Services have been touched by cancer through loved ones, which is why we are participating in this year’s American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. On April 25, 2015, thousands of people will come out to walk/relay to raise money to fight cancer and we will join them.

If you would like to support us and the fight against cancer then please go to our Relay for Life page to make a donation towards our goal of $1000 or to even join our team. We’ve put in the first $100 and thank you for your support!
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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

jan 2015 newsletter graphThe most important marketing tool you have is yourself because you are the expert on your product or service. The second most important marketing tool is your website because it is out there available for billions of people around the world to see. The statistics claim (see graph) that millions of those people are viewing those websites on mobile devices and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, then you could be missing out on those potential customers.

Hortense Soulier of Mindgruve recently wrote that “in the USA, 94% of people with smartphones will search for local information on their phones.” Also that “search engines are putting an emphasis on mobile friendly experiences with the launch last November of the label “mobile-friendly” in search results.”

Click Z News also reported earlier this month that “Websites will continue to be an important way for companies to reach consumers, whether or not they also offer apps. The increase in mobile traffic is a given; marketers should focus on engagement metrics to be sure they serve mobile customers as well as those using a desktop. Meanwhile, even companies that provide apps should not neglect their mobile websites, because they will continue to receive a significant amount of traffic.”

When Abacus Web Services builds a new website it is automatically mobile ready. We are also able to convert existing website to mobile ready versions so call us to today! 941-870-5343