Launching Client’s New Websites

We are always excited when we deliver an updated website to a client. For them it must be like trading in an old car and taking delivery on a new one! The benefits to having an updated website include staying current with the technology that gives your website more capa read more

Ecommerce = Business

We were delighted to visit with one of our clients at the opening of their new store recently. news-blue-ridgeLindy D’Amico, owner of Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters, showed off their third bricks and mortar location in McCaysville, Georgia to our own David Grace.

They also have what we would call a fourth store and that’s their website. A shopping cart powered by Big Commerce and installed by Abacus Web Services, enables them to expand their business beyond their geographical location.

Ecommerce equals more business in a global economy!

Another Reason Mobile Design Is So Important..

…is because your customers are accessing the Internet and Email on their phones!

Case in point; our open rate for the newsletters we send you monthly is very good on the small sampling pictured here – 42.3% versus the industry average of 15.61%. The other important newsletter-open-ratestatistic is that 26.3% of those openings were on a mobile device!

Mobile conversions aren’t just for newsletters. They’re for your website too and that’s why having a mobile friendly one is extremely important!

Top Ten Reasons Word Press is Great Because…

it started life as a blogging system and developed into one of the most popular (26% of all websites) website development tools. Today we use it for most of our new developments and conversions to updated sites because…..wordpress1

1) You can update your website from any browser, anywhere, anytime.
2) You can update your website on the go from any IOS or Android device. (Please don’t do this while driving :) )
3) There are 30,000 plus plugins (think Apps) and many of them are free, that facilitate big business features at a fraction of the cost.
4) It is highly customizable so we can get any design you want into place.
5) We deliver all new WordPress sites so they pass Google’s mobile friendly test and work well on all devices.
6) Plugins like WooCommerce let us turn your site into an ecommerce store.
7) Plugins like IDX Broker let us integrate realtor’s MLS listings.
8) WordPress sites are naturally Search Engine friendly.
9) WordPress and the plugins are constantly being updated making it easier to keep your site up-to-date.
10) Did we mention it is Open Source and free?

Staying Safe This Coming Holiday Season….Online

online safety imageHoliday shopping online is the norm now and no longer the exception. This year consumers will be making purchases before Halloween and 25% of the total amount purchased for the holidays will be from a mobile device. Here is our advice for keeping your personal information safe when you buy those gifts online:

  • Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date on your desktop computer.
  • It can never be said enough – have strong passwords that contain eight or more letters (both upper case and lower case) and include numbers and symbols.
  • A legitimate ecommerce website will encrypt your information. You can tell that by seeing a padlock or ‘https’ in the green address box in your web browser bar.
  • Be aware of “phishing” which comes in the form of a fake email asking for your sensitive information. No reputable company would ask you for that information via an email.
    If you’re using your mobile device make sure it’s locked.
  • Make sure any apps you use are from a trusted source (Apple, Android, Amazon, etc.) and be aware when loading a new app that asks questions or permissions such as giving the app access to your contacts list.
  • Have a security app on your mobile device.
  • When you shop on your phone or tablet be sure to use a secure network connection! Coffee shop Wi Fi can be hacked by someone with the right tools so consider getting a VPN or Virtual Private Network to have that secure connection.