Cyber Security And You

Cyber security is a term that you’re going to be hearing a lot. It means “the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide”. (Wikipedia)cyber security

It used to be that we thought that only the people who had to worry about cyber security were the government, banks and big corporations, but the bad guys have gotten good at spreading their menace across the board. Now everyone has to be aware and protect their personal/business information, their computers, their websites and even their mobile devices.


Here are some examples of the types of cyber security crimes and risks:
  • 43% of cyber security hacks are against small and medium sized businesses.
  • Florida is the #1 state for identity theft.
  • There is a huge growth in ransomware where the bad guy ‘bills’ you to unencrypt your computer files.
  • 70% of hacks are due to human error.
  • Even on reputable websites, ad spaces are often sold off to wholesalers who then sell them on to the scammers.
  • 20 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Everyone of those will be at risk including thermostats in smart houses, wearables, etc.
  • Beware of the flash drive scam where the bad guys leave one in a shopping cart, you think you’ve found it and when you plug it into your computer it infects everything.

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Abacus Web Services has cyber security solutions for you and your business – protect yourself!

The Power Of Video On Your Website

Building your brand through your website is a sound marketing strategy. Utilizing all of the tools available to do so is key! video screenOne trending tool is video and these few statistics show how powerful it can be for your business. For example:
Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available. (Diode Digital)
Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine if it includes video. (Forrester Research)
You Tube has become the 2nd largest search engine. Video search results have a 41% higher click-through than plain text results. (Animoto)

Keep in mind these tips to make it work:
Video without sound and with captions is the trend on social media.
Keep your video under 5 minutes long.
Create helpful, non-promotional video that leaves your customers coming back to you for future information.
Add video content to your main website pages to push SEO.

Video is the way to go!

Introducing the STRIPE payment system!

credit cardWe are always searching for ways to work more efficiently as well as make things easier for our clients. One way we’ve achieved this is by implementing our new payment system using Stripe. It now takes less than one minute to make a payment because all you have to do is put in the invoice amount and click the ‘pay now’ button. Then fill in your email address, credit card number and click the ‘pay’ button and you’re done!



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Why Do So Many Businesses Still Not Have A Website?

2016It is 2016 and websites are ubiquitous – or so you would think! A survey of small businesses conducted by Clutch, found that nearly half of the small businesses nationwide are doing business without a website. Mark Cummings of Cummings Creative Group says that with any marketing, even a personal referral, the first thing a lot of people do is go visit the website. We agree with that statement and also think that if a business doesn’t have a website that they look out of date and aren’t using their marketing dollars wisely.
We always recommend that any business, whether it is just one person or a large corporation, have a website that is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and has a blog to leverage every marketing opportunity.Operating without a website harms a business’ brand and costs that business money!